For events & conferences!


There’s no one like you on this planet, so why have a career like anyone else? Traditional career paths, such as climbing corporate ladders and allowing higher-ups to determine our success, is a path that doesn’t work for everyone. What if there was a new path that was paved just for you? Let’s ditch the separation of work/life and embrace a new life where you get paid to be yourself! Champion your authentic self to grow your life and your career as a creative!

In this fun, interactive workshop we’ll cut deep into your squishy core and find what makes you, you! Grab your metaphorical lantern and head into the depths of your true self as we create an actionable plan for your future life and career.

In this workshop you’ll

  • Identify the qualities that make you unique and translate them to a career only you can have

  • Define a life’s purpose that will drive your career and personal decisions

  • Create social media and relationship guidelines that help fulfill your purpose and advance your career

For teams & offices!


Part team-building exercise, part learning & workshop experience. This highly fun & interactive workshop will get your team thinking about a more positive community & company culture. After all, brands today have a lot of work cut out for them! Not only does your product have to be life-changing, but your brand’s personality has to be well-loved by your community. Today’s most successful brands are more than a product, they have a personality that is authentic and a culture built on trust. These brands have an amazing community culture that is just as strong internally. After all, a happy community makes for a happy company.

In this workshop, we’ll identify what makes a happy company and a brand the world loves. We’ll outline what makes your community special and create an actionable plan for your brand’s personality. By the end, you’ll have a new brand culture, marketing guidelines rooted in authenticity, and a company well on its way to happiness.

In this workshop you’ll

  • Identify your community and create guidelines for their happiness

  • Define your brand’s personality and determine how you can communicate it through marketing, graphics, and copy

  • Learn to be a well-loved company that does good, and is trusted, within your community

  • Discover new ways to make your community feel safe and encouraged to be themselves within the space you create for them

  • Pinpoint ways you can create a positive environment for your team and internal company culture