Public Place Meditation Exercise


Excited to share my all-time favorite thing to do on the subway, or other public transportation. It’s also one of the best empathy exercises I’ve thought of and really helps to remind me to feel the moments of love and pain we all go through. It’s a really great way to remember how much we all deserve happy, whole, peaceful lives. If you’re not a public transportation rider, I’d recommend this exercise in any public area (coffee shops and airports are great!).

Step-by-step instructions:

S T E P  1 - Pick any person sitting, or standing, across from you. Someone you can stare at without seeming creepy. Focus on that person and get a good feel for their energy and who they are.

S T E P  2 - Shift to a soft focus on that person and picture them in their happiest moments — Hugging a friend, picking up their kids from school, reuniting with someone they love, celebrating after some good news.

S T E P  3 - Now, picture them in their saddest moments and imagine what they would look like when feeling low. Feel their sadness and despair with them.

S T E P  4 - Channel your most loving energy, and throughs, and put it on that person. Make them feel the love and happiness you're projecting onto them. Imagine their remaining life feeling fulfilled, whole, and finding peace within themselves.