The World Needs You


This election was an unhealthy reminder that our country is unhappy.  It needs help in so many ways and luckily we’re all capable of doing our part to make it better. This is an opportunity for us each to find a purpose for being a part of this country and fulfill that purpose every day.  If you’re a lover, you need to get out and love your neighbors, your family and your friends. If you’re a fighter, you need to fight as hard as you’ve ever fought. If you’re a teacher, go out and educate your neighborhood, children, and loved ones. It’s good to have a purpose; It’s great to take action! Our country, and the whole world, needs you right now. Isn’t that an amazing, powerful thing?

A few years ago, I realized my life’s purpose is to make people happy. Here’s my plan to make the world a happier place:

☻ My friends and family who are LGBTQ, POC, survivors of sexual abuse, and immigrants are all afraid for their safety right now. I’m going to reach out to them today to tell them how much I love them and I’m going to listen to what they are feeling and ask them what they need.

☻ My neighborhood, and city, has an amazing community of Somali-Americans, Latinos, POC and Muslims. I’m going to reach out to my neighbors and find a way to directly volunteer with the community to make this a safer, happier place for them.

☻ My career, and life, is built on the principal of injecting the world with small acts of kindness to make the world a happier place. I can do more. The rest of the week is devoted to changing my career to eliminate whatever doesn’t impact the world positively.

☻ My life is built around transparency and vulnerability. I’m going to do more to communicate love and gratitude to those who are important to me. That includes those who disagree with me on political issues.

I encourage you to come up with a life’s purpose and make a plan to fulfill that purpose. The world needs you! I need you.