Mental Health Day


Today is World Mental Health Day. In honor of today, I thought I'd tell my story of my recent mental health journey. I started therapy earlier this year as a way to become more curious about myself. I didn’t necessarily have a problem that I needed fixing, a specific topic I wanted to discuss, and I wasn’t sad or depressed. Here’s what I’ve learned from therapy: I’ve found that my natural mental state runs higher than most people. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fluctuate from highs and lows within my happiness spectrum. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I have days when I’m low on the happiness spectrum and high on the happiness spectrum. I’m incredibly flawed in many ways: I have problems with confrontation, I don’t ask questions because I’m afraid of looking stupid, I have a hard time with routine, I do eat and do whatever I want which had led me to be slightly squishy and spend too much money, and I love giving so much that I often make people uncomfortable because I go too far. But, these flaws are the reasons why I’m special. They’re the reasons why I’m a unique person unlike any other human. My flaws are what make me Meg! Once I started going to therapy and learned more about myself, I realized that my quirks are what make me awesome. They aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just different from what society tells me I should do or how I should be. I’ve truly learned to take those things and hug them rather than try and put a bandage over them. My flaws make me, me. I am perfect. Let’s remember that therapy doesn’t have to be for sad people. It’s for anyone who wants to practice self-care and give themselves time to reflect on and understand who they are. Happy Mental Health day! Go out and treat yo’ self today. You deserve it. I’ll be over here with a margarita and a plate of nachos!