Coming Out Day

What a week this is. I was raised by parents who encouraged me to explore and discover the type of person I wanted to be. Whether I wanted to be a boy, a comedian, athlete, musician, or an ice cream truck driver (all phases I went through), I was allowed to experiment and decide. In school I went through times of ridicule, unacceptance, and confusion, but I came out knowing exactly who I needed to be in order to be myself. The love, encouragement, and support from my parents created an environment for experimentation and acceptance. If there ever was a time for me to come out and say anything specific about my gender or sexuality, it wouldn't have mattered because I was allowed to be whomever I wanted. A childhood that I am so thankful for. Today, I am sending my warmest thoughts to my friends and family who have a story of coming out whether it’s a story of heartbreak, love, disappointment, or support. And to those of you who are contemplating coming out and showing the world who you truly are, I can only provide you with the encouraging support I was given. We all deserve to be loved and supported for who we are. I’m here for you no matter who you are!