If you like watching a grown woman happily make a fool of herself on stage, I'm here for speaking opportunities!


What are your talks about?

My talks are typically on my journey overcoming self-doubt and finally embracing what makes me unique and how that led to a fulfilling career unlike anyone else. I also teach the audience how to do the same for themselves! My talks are highly informal, surprising, and nontraditional. During my talks I've been known to give out awards, shoot confetti into the audience, dance on stage, or even deliver the talk in moon shoes. Each talk is different and tailored to the venue & audience! 

Will you talk about design tho?

While my talks cover my design career and what led me to become a value-based designer, they are not about technical design, freelancing tips, or my specific work & projects. If you'd like to hear a more design-focused talk, please reach out to me with a specific request.

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Ueno Chatty Hour
New York City, NY
Apr 18, 2019

The Multi
SUNY Purchase
Apr 19, 2019

New York City
May 8-10, 2019

Des Moines Ad Day
Des Moines, IA
Aug 16, 2019


Hybrid Conf 2015
Creative Works 2015
Adobe Max 2015
Owner Summit 2016
Web Afternoon 2016
Generate NYC 2016
Squares 2016
Top Notch 2016
Creative Works 2016
DesignThinkers 2016
CSCA 2017
Lodged Out 2017
Creative Works 2017
AIGA Eye on Design 2017
AIGA Conference 2017
CreativeMornings 2018
DesignThinkers VAN 2018
Making Midwest 2018
Prototypes, Process, Play 2018
Creative Works 2018
Thought At Work 2018
Good Company Live 2018
Dribbble Hang Time LA 2018
AIGA NY Self-Love 2019
Epicurrence 2019



I also give office talks for your team!

My talks are perfect for giving your team a break from their daily to-do's to focus on having fun and getting an outside perspective. Don't worry, I won't encourage your team to quit their jobs and become self-employed!

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