Copilot: The CMS for Condé Nast Digital

I worked with Ed Cudahy and the rest of the incredible Conde Nast digital team on a product called Copilot for over 2 years. Copilot is a CMS for Condé Nast writers, editors, producers, and contributors to input their content and publish to the web. During my time with Condé Nast, Copilot was released to the folks at GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, and Vanity Fair. My time at Condé Nast working on Copilot has been a wild UX ride full of research, testing, and rapid iterating. Cheers to Ed, Jon, Christina, Laura, and the rest of the incredible Condé dev team for their amazing hard work on Copilot.

To see the Copilot marketing site in action, visit